Mojo Juju, Glen Terry, Chase the Sun, Paul Robert Burton, Gail Page, Ghost Road, Peter Puffin' Collins, No Pressure, Blue Tongue Blues Band and Checkered Fist and many more

The first ever railway blues music event in NSW !!!

Proudly supported by the Iris Foundation

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Richmond Vale Railway (near Newcastle NSW)

artists appearing in 2008 include

Railway Blues

Railway Blues

First held in Nov 2008 to support the Iris Foundation, the Railway Blues festival became one of great moments in Australian Blues culture.


The organisers are planning to stage the event again in 2009 at the same venue!


The Railway Blues compilation CD is available and no fan of Australian Blues should consider their collection complete without it. Notes are below

Notes from the CD


As a thought bubble the concept of Railway Blues was initially simple; to raise funds for the Iris Foundation for the Prevention of Suicide. With the subsequent enthusiasm, commitment and passion from all those who heard about the idea, that thought grew into a reality far more significant than "just another fund raiser". 


The album is a compilation of artists who performed at Railway Blues 2008, a music festival held at Richmond Vale Railway Museum in NSW

Performing on the album:


Chase the sun, You Gotta Go ( )

The Bluetongue Blues Band, Over to You ( )

The Tiger and Me, The Forsaken Few ( )

Isaiah Blues, Lonely Time ( )

Gail Page, Through the FIre ( )

Paul Robert Burton and One, Whippoorwill (live) ( )

Glenn Terry, Sugar Blues Express ( )

Phil Edgeley, Try to Love ( )

Mojo Juju and The Snake Oil Merchants, Fisherman's Daughter ( )

Ghost Road, Breakaway ( )

No Pressure, Breakin' Out ( )

Dan Granero, Drivin' South ( )

Karisma Katz, Under the Covers ( )

Peter Healy, Cold Heart ( )

Dr Goodvibe, The Nun in the Backseat ( )

Dave Anderson, When Life turns Grey ( )

More information about the CD and festival from ( )